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Podcasts for mom

Podcasts for Moms

Up until about a month ago I was confused by the podcast craze. I didn’t even really understand what a podcast was, or what purpose they served, and I definitely did not know where to find and listen to one. In fact, the thought of listening to podcasts felt very time consuming — like, sure, let me find an extra hour in my day to listen to a show at my leisure — I barely have fifteen minutes to myself to shower! ‘Aint no one got time for that!  

But after some gentle encouragement from a couple friends and my husband (who showed me where to find these mysterious podcasts — in a pre-populated app on my iPhone called “podcasts” – well isn’t that convenient?), I joined the craze and began listening to a few that discuss topics surrounding “mom life”.

Needless to say, I’ve been overly impressed with these podcasts and truly enjoy the discussion and insights shared. I now listen to these podcasts during some of the more mundane tasks that clutter my day — folding laundry, washing dishes, cooking dinner, showering —  and it’s become a nice compliment to “mom life”.

Here are my 5 top podcast recommendations for moms:

    1. Boss Mom
      Where women in all stages of raising their business and family come to get tools, tips and support to help make their Boss Mom world just a little bit easier. Hosted by Dana Malstaff.
    2. Coffee + Crumbs
      Join hosts Lesley Miller, Ashlee Gadd and April Hoss as they chat about the beautifully hard work of raising children (complimenting the popular website Coffee + Crumbs).
  1. Hear Motherhood
    The parenting podcast that asks the question: Is it possible for motherhood and creativity to coexist? In this interview style show, Paige Ray has conversations with creative mamas whose talents extend across the creative space: lifestyle bloggers, freelance writers, photographers, magazine publishers, hand-letterers, painters, etsy shop owners, illustrators, graphic designers, small business owners, social media managers, interior designers, design bloggers, crafters, home schoolers, fine artists, chefs, craft show makers, authors, creative consultants, mommy bloggers, magazine editors, & journalists. If you are a creative mama or mom-to-be this is the place to be.
  2. Every Day Every Mom
    A podcast that encourages, connects and shares life recipes and resources for creating fulfillment and intention in our everyday. So we can make everyday more meaningful for ourselves and our families.
  3. The Mom Hour
    Experienced moms, Sarah Powers and Meagan Francis – who have 8 kids between them from toddler to teenager – keep you company and provide encouraging, realistic and compassionate advice about motherhood, parenting, and more.

Do you have a “mom life” podcast that you love? Let me know, so I can add it to my list!

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