A Letter to My Daughter on Her Very First Birthday 5/5 (4)

First Birthday

First Birthday

To my beautiful daughter on her very first birthday:

I‘ll never forget the first day that your Dad went back to work after you were born, and I thought to myself, “Alright, Miss Blake, you and I are in this together.” I had no idea what I was doing and I had no idea what being a mother truly meant. My, how quickly things have changed.

In a way, we both grew together over the past year. You learned many things, and I learned many things. You ebbed and I flowed, and in many ways, you taught me more than I taught you.

And here you are, one year old – a thriving, beautiful baby girl and you’re bigger than life, darling. And I love you more than life.

For the past year you’ve been my biggest worry and my biggest happiness. I stayed up at night researching things so I could always provide the best for you, and we spent every day together – laughing, dancing, singing and exploring this world, together. When I think of life before you, it feels like something was missing, as if I wasn’t yet complete. You made me complete, our sweet baby girl – our angel baby. And as you learned, I learned.

  • You opened your eyes for the first time and stared at me, and I learned what unconditional love meant. I had never seen anyone or anything more beautiful.
  • You learned to nurse, and I quickly learned everything there is to know about milk supply, nursing positions, latching and pumping.
  • You learned to roll over, and I learned not to scream in excitement every time you did, because that scared you – but I was just so excited for you.
  • You learned to laugh, and I learned that your laugh was my new favorite sound in life.
  • You learned to scream and I learned that you were a girl who knew what she wanted.
  • You learned to sit up and I suddenly learned that you wouldn’t stay a baby forever.
  • I took you to the zoo, the aquarium, music class, sign language class, baby concerts and story times, and you stared in awe at everything, soaking it all in. I learned how to see the world through your eyes and suddenly, everything was amazing.
  • You learned to say “Mama” and “Dada” and “ball” and I learned you were one smart cookie.
  • You learned to crawl and I learned that nothing could ever get in your way…you were on a mission, always.
  • I showed you the ocean, and you crawled straight into it – fearless, with purpose…you taught me that you have the heart of a lion.
  • You learned to eat solid foods and I learned every nutritional fact about every food and cooked for you every day so you could grow big and strong.
  • You learned to pull yourself up to stand and I learned not to hold my breath in anticipation of your fall – I learned to breathe again.
  • You learned to push your little cart walking on your own, and I learned to let you go, my strong baby girl.

And you and I have many, many more years of learning together, my love. You will learn so much more in life, and I will learn how to support you through each step.

We did it, Miss Blake – we survived the first year. Thank you for the lessons, the laughter and changing me forever – you’re everything.


Happy 1st birthday, sweetheart.


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  1. What a wonderful way to thank your little one! I balled my eyes out reading this. Every sentence you wrote was as if you were writing it for my daughter and me. Thank you for sharing! This truly made me step back and realize how much I love my little one!
  2. This brought tears to my eyes! My gorgeous daughter is 1 year old next week, the past year has gone by way to fast but this sums it up perfectly! Xoxo.
  3. My daughter too turning one this month..there are lot of mix feeling in my heart. Feeling very sad and guilty many times, that i couldn't gave her much time due to my office and hectic schedule...i really missed all her first things.. her smile, her bath time, her first step..... she grown up with her dad and grand mother.... this letter inspired me to say sorry to her and express my love for her...Thanks! lots of love for your daughter too. <3
  4. My daughters 1st birthday is in 3 months exactly :( she's growing to fast. I am thinking about writing my daughter a letter like this too! It's a wonderful idea. Thanks for the inspiration! Good luck on the rest of your motherhood! I know these past 9 months have been life changing and so exciting for me!
  5. This literally brought tears to my eyes! This is so sweet, and SO TRUE! My baby girl will be a year old in 2 months and Just looking back the past 10 months, this says it all!
  6. So sweet! It's been a year and I haven't even met Miss Blake yet. How horrible is that? I think I must make the trip down in January. I love keeping up with you all through social media. Have a great Thanksgiving! Give you dad a kiss for me. Love you all!
    1. ohhh my gosh these are lovely!! they are so in love it's beuufital to see lucky lucky baby to be born into this relationship! love the whole set the laughs they share are giving me warm fuzzies beuufital color and light throughout!

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