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©[Tanjichica] / Dollar Photo Club​
©[Tanjichica] / Dollar Photo Club​
Especially around the holidays, all of our favorite treats start to rack up quite the impressive triple digit calorie count. Between the pumpkin spiced lattes, pecan pies, and rivers of gravy, it’s easy to feel a little out of control when it comes down to a delicious dessert or maintaining your weight you worked so hard for this past summer.  To keep you from cursing your favorite seasonal goodies as you struggle to button your skinny jeans that you swear fit just right two days ago, we bring to you 5 delicious and healthy holiday smoothies  that will make the inevitable seasonal indulgences seem like a good idea. Enjoy!

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  1. The smoothie look great. My family loves makes smoothies together for our Saturday afternoon snack. This is one of the things we regularly do as a family. Thanks for sharing!

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