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light in motherhood

light in motherhood

Motherhood is full of light and shadows, discovery and reflection, joy and uncertainty. The following short stories each uniquely portray “light in motherhood”– illuminating a small piece of each writer’s journey as she navigates this season of raising tiny humans.

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  1. Absolutely! The most challenging times of my life have always been the ones I remember as the most rewarding. I keep thinking that, when my kid is no longer a kid, that I will probably pay any amount just to re-live even the most stressful Tuesday night of rushing home to get him to his little league practice on and time of forcing homework to get done. Savor the journey!
    1. I loved Elizabeth Penney's feelings about raising children. It really made me think! Those young years go by so fast and they are definitely times to be treasured! As a Grandma of teenage and adult children I am doubly blessed with wonderful memories! Anyone who thinks being a Mom, ends when their children are grown is sadly mistaken . . . at least when it comes to me . . . I still worry a little about my kids and the grandkids, like when they are going thru a stressful time or one of their children are. Motherhood is never ending and one should realize this when they decide to be one . . . and I wouldn't trade being a Mom/Grandmom for ANYTHING! They are all my light forever!

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