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The Mom Behind the Brand Feature with Lil Royal Boutique 

 lil royal boutique

 Please introduce yourself and your business.

My name is Seila Christensen. I am a wife and a mother to a beautiful little red head named Poppy Lil. My husband works in the agriculture industry and we live in a tiny town called Royal City, WA. I love pasta and Dr Pepper, and I frequently visit are local Marshals and Joanns for my own enjoyment. I love planning and setting up events, particularly bridal and baby showers and weddings.

I make and sell bows on headbands and hair clips. I also make baby blankets and toddler neck ties.

I love the story behind why you started Lil Royal Boutique. Please share your what inspired you to open up your own shop.

When Poppy was born we found out early on that she was deaf. Amid the diagnosis, I was struggling with postpartum depression and anxiety. My husband Riley prompted me to find something I enjoyed doing and make it a habit to do it often. I loved to craft. Any DIY really. Poppy needed hearing aids, and they were big on her little head. They wagged around like big dog ears. I decided to try to make some nylon headbands to help keep them on. They worked like a charm. I decided to start a little business to keep my hands busy as my mind and spirit healed from the depression. It worked very well. Even though I am all better now, I have continued with the business.

lil royal boutique


What are your best selling items?

My best selling item would be the felt bow called “Cherry Blossom”. I frequently change my products so it depends a lot on the season.


What is the story behind the “Donate a blanket for a child in need” option on your website?

Last June Poppy went to Seattle Children’s Hospital for her cochlear implant surgery. We were there for a day and a half, so hardly there compared to several other children on the floor who had been there for weeks. While we were there Poppy received a flannel blanket outside our room from a really kind donor. It was such a small gesture, but it meant the world to me that someone would take time out of their day to make this blanket for a child they didn’t even know. One of Seattle Children’s biggest needs are flannel blankets. So I decided to open it up for my customers and see if anyone wanted to help my efforts. I’ve donated 25 blankets since then.

How do your bows stand out or differ from others on the market?

I really do my best to make sure that the bow itself is securely tied. There is nothing worse than purchasing something that just becomes unraveled and your unable to restore it. And with little hands constantly grabbing and pulling at bows, every bow needs to be so secure.

lil royal boutique

What has been the hardest thing about launching your own business and being a mom?

I would have to say that time management is that hardest part of being a mother and a business owner. Especially with a little one that needs a little extra attention, it makes it so difficult to see that everything gets done. I think that’s where your priorities come into play. I want to always keep my family first. Fortunately, I don’t rely financially on my business and it has become more of a hobby for me.

What’s one piece of advice you would give to other moms who want to launch their own business?

I’d say, just do it. Don’t hold back. There is never going to be “a right time” to do anything risky. That’s why it’s a risk. You are putting your whole self out there, and that is so hard. I totally understand that. But bottom line is that if you are really passionate about something or want to be, your life will naturally find a way for it to work. So just do it.

lil royal boutique

As moms and entrepreneurs, we’re always trying to find balance. How do you practice or keep balance in your own life?

Ugh. Yes! This is the ultimate struggle for me. Balance. Everyone’s balance is going to look a little bit different. I think your personal priorities play a huge role in this. I have several conversations with myself and my husband about what my priorities are for my business and for our family. Because I work in my home, the two intertwine. I’ve decided to work during nap time, and in the evenings. As I get busier I add the mornings to my “work time”. If I stick to those times, I see that my life feels a lot less chaotic, and I am a happier person.

What does your average day look like?

Poppy wakes up around 8 (I know, I’ve been blessed with a baby that sleeps in. It’s seriously the best.) I’ll get up with her and eat breakfast. I’ll put on Poppy’s cochlear implant while she eats. Usually, breakfast consists of a piece of bread and some fruit for Poppy. I’ll then turn on a movie for Poppy while I get ready. If we don’t have physical or speech therapists visiting I’ll do some occupational therapy with Poppy. Mainly just repeating words and phrases like “put the princess in, in, in, the castle. In, in, in. *motion asl sign for in*”. Somedays it gets really old and we end up just laying on the floor singing songs.  We eat lunch and then Poppy takes a nap while I do some work! I say work, but I mean watch Netflix while I make cute bows for babies. It’s hardly work. I’m currently enthralled with “Call the Midwife”. Very fitting right? Once Poppy wakes up we’ll go on a walk or go to town. Now, you should know that the closest Walmart is 30 minutes away. The nearest Target is 90 minutes away. So, often times I’ll go to town in the morning or the afternoon and it takes up a chunk of my day. My husband gets home around 5 and then we have dinner as a family and usually wind down with a bath and some books. Recently we’ve been playing hide and seek and that seems to be a thriller before bed. After Poppy is in bed, depending on the day I’ll work on bows, attend meetings in our church, plan baby or bridal showers, learn ASL, or just hang out with my husband.

 What does success look like to you?

Success for me is more of a feeling that a “look”. Most people I think associate success with wealth. But I think success is so much more than just having money. Success to me falls in the lines of happiness. I see success as happiness. Because that is everyone’s ultimate quest in life is to find happiness. And if you find happiness in traveling the world, do it. If you find happiness raising a family, do it. If you find happiness in serving your country, do it. I think if you are not happy with your life or where you are going in life, you will not find success there. My happiness and success reside in my family.

What’s next for you and Lil Royal Boutique?

I’d really like to bring more attention to my life as a hearing parent with a deaf child. I think that there’s this connotation with being deaf that is just wrong and I’d like to bring light to that through a blog. I’m working on bringing more articles in the blog section that talks about my daily struggles as a parent and how I’m overcoming them and how we are working together as a family. However, my forte is not writing so that will be an interesting new experiment.

How can we support you and Lil Royal Boutique? (Links to your social channels, website, etc.)

You can find me on:

Pinterest (@lilroyalshop)

Instagram (@lilroyalboutique)

Facebook (@lilroyalboutique)

Etsy at

lil royal boutique

Any special offers/announcements you want to share with our Tribe readers?

I am offering all Tribe readers 15% off when they spend $15 or more at my shop! Enter Code: THETRIBE. I am always releasing new products so follow my social media handles for updates on new products!

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