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Power in Motherhood

power in motherhood
Photo courtesy, Harmony Vuycankiat

The Way She Sees Things

By Harmony Vuycankiat

She is as delicate as a daffodil blowing in the breeze, holding on for dear life to the dirt she’s planted in, yet reaching up with arms wide to the sun. While it may look like she could topple over any minute, her frailty isn’t dependent on the might of the wind. She lifts her face to the sky, resembling a sunbeam, reflecting off the golden rays from above.

She is here and now. This moment is her strength because she is planted right in the deep, dark soil of it.

There’s no concern in her four-year-old eyes for the storm clouds that could appear at any time. She refuses to look in the direction of the foggy skies that threaten to overwhelm her sunny spot. It’s not that she won’t be rained on. She just won’t anticipate the storm before it arrives. There’s resilience in her stay-put position.

Her smile caresses the blue sky with contagious laughter. She finds white puffy elephants and wispy fairies in the cumulus billows.  Never once does she look down at the ground to make sure she’s still firmly in place. She trusts the power within as she remembers the nutrients found in her roots. No flash of lightning can harm her soul. No rumble of thunder can shake away her confidence in who she is and from where she comes.

She is beautiful and bright, sparkling in the glory of her source of life. From bloom to stem to bulb, this little daffodil wants nothing more out of the day then what it offers her. Hope as each morning dawns, faith that the earth will always provide, and love in the cool shade of the evening moon.

A butterfly lands on her petals and she knows: There is joy to be found in every moment.

Harmony is a proud Air Force wife and blessed mother of 4 children. Her heart’s cry is to love without limits and live without regrets. She plans to use her criminal justice degree to tangibly help margnalized women and children all over the world. Writing, singing, and running are her methods of soul therapy and Starbucks coffee is her happy juice. You can find Harmony at her blog, Grace for the Wasted Space, on Facebook, on Pinterest, and on Twitter.

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  1. I think you are awesome in so many ways...look what you helped create...Marguerite! Pat yourself on the back and thank God for your gifts! Your story was beautiful.

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