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real family portrait

real family portrait

In a world where Instagram posts often only portray the highly edited moments in motherhood, I asked some of our Tribe contributors to write their family portraits…the real ones. Not the posed versions that hang on the walls in their hallways — donned with smiles bought by bribes, slicked and combed hair, and wrinkle-free, coordinating outfits — but the “average Tuesday morning hustle in the thick of it daily LIFE” portraits.

I am so grateful to the following writers who peeled back the rose-colored filters of their own lives and allowed us all into their living rooms. Vulnerable and real, these short stories portray the grit mixed with the joy in this busy season of raising tiny humans. Refreshing, raw, thoughtful– here are some REAL family portraits.


-Kristin Helms, Founder + Editor-in-Chief

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  1. Oh sister, I feel for you. Just the other day I had a moment where I couldn't pull out my big girl words and ended up explaining things to my hubby with kid words... He laughed at me. I said, "What!? I spend all day around young kids. Sometimes it's hard to revert to an adult vocabulary!" I do have to say though, you feeling like not a person saddens my heart. You are a person, and in the moments when you are feeling the most invisible, that is when you truly shine. Hang in there.

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