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transitional seasons of motherhood

transitional seasons of motherhood
Photo courtesy, Michele Fried

Becoming Mommom

By Michele Fried

My petite grandmother’s shoes feel too large for me to fill.  I worry I will not compare to the incredible Mommom she was.

Any moment now I will hear the news that my grandchild has been born.  I have been thinking about my relationship with my Mommom. From as young as I can remember I trusted her with every worry or scary thought.  She provided me comfort, amazing advice, and most importantly the words and inspiration I needed to tackle the smallest and largest mountains I envisioned before me.

My Mommom listened.  She never made you feel less than.  She reminded you of your strengths and unique qualities.  She encouraged you to follow your instinct and to take challenges.  She wrote back when you wrote her a letter.  She never rushed off the phone.  She sat for hours talking about everything.  If you were lucky she allowed you a brief glimpse into her childhood, marriage, and what she learned along the way.  My Mommom was beautiful – inside and out. I learned that the wrinkles she accepted well were not from old age but from the worry she carried for each person she loved.

I still have my Mommom’s cookbooks, something I would not allow to be thrown out after she died.  On certain occasions, I open them to give one of the old-time recipes a try; otherwise these books sit in a cabinet in my kitchen and serve as only as a pleasant memory.  Following the recipes or her handwritten notes doesn’t serve justice to her delicious dishes, but at least allows us a taste of what once was.  

As a new generation is added to our family, I hope to follow in her footsteps. I am honored to take this next step, as I become Mommom.

When Michele Fried founded Adoption STAR in 2000, she was using her entrepreneurial skills for a precious enterprise:  she wanted to create forever families. Michele became a passionate advocate for adoption after she and her husband Chuck adopted their first child almost 29 years ago. Ten children later, Michele’s most important job is parenting.  She frequently writes and speaks about adoption and parenthood. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram


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  1. I have enjoyed reading all of these! Thanks for the inclusion and I look forward to reading more from the other contributors.

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