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Sharon Carter

Parent, writer and curator of The Tribe Magazine

When I met my partner, neither of us initially wanted to have children, and we would have been too young anyway. Before you hit a certain age you just naturally value your own independence and the sense of freedom you have. As you get older all of this changes and you start to realise that you do after all want kids and family life. For us, it took until we hit our thirties and before long we decided to ditch the single-life, get married and start a family.

Now, it seems insane to not have our children. I’m a happy stay-at-home mum and my husband, Peter works in IT. Both of us are entirely focused on the kids and make sure they get the best possible start in life. We try and spend as much time together as we possibly can.

This website

And here is why we decided to start this site. It can be so daunting for young couples taking their first steps into marriage, then starting a family so we wanted to offer advice, guidance and real work experiences. Our readers can find examples, issues and barriers we came up again and what we overcame to begin our family life.

Becoming a parent is a wonderful thing, although it can be challenging at times.

Undoubtedly, it is the most fulfilling experience of an entire lifetime. On all levels, mental, physical and emotional, as a parent you will get pulled and stretched and overwhelmed by the love and charm of your offspring.

It’s true when they say that becoming a parent changes everything. Your focus shifts you’re no longer the centre of your universe, your own whims are no longer of any significance and you become secondary. Instincts kick in and you would do just about anything to love, protect and care for them unconditionally.

It’s perfectly acceptable to have off-days, when you are tired or stressed, parenting can be hard work. It can feel like you’re not coping, you believe that other parents are doing a much better job and you just don’t think that you are up to it. We’ve all felt like that, but have since discovered that the best way to get over any kind of parenting woes is to talk to other parents. When you do vent your frustration to other mums and dads, you soon realise that they would often feel the same and you come away thinking that you are doing a pretty good job after all.

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