If you are a parent and have a child you may be in search of parenting advice. There are many ways that parents can go about helping their children and for many of the methods will be the same for each parent and child. But parenting is not a one size fits all job, there are different situations for kids and circumstances that each child is in. While some parents may have the perfect parenting plan they are in no way shape or form fit all parenting styles.

For example, if your mom makes many mistakes you can probably relate to this in some way. Or, if your dad makes a lot of mistakes and your mom is the only one that knows how to fix them you probably can relate. Sometimes though both parents make mistakes, it’s hard to make any sort of parenting advice based on this. So I’m going to give you some parenting advice based on mistakes that all parents make.

First of all you have to realize that no matter what you do your kids will never be perfect. You might have two kids that are perfectly healthy, but they still won’t be perfect. Parents have to understand that some things are just not possible no matter what they do. The best parenting advice I ever got was that my parents didn’t believe in anything that they believed in themselves.

If you don’t believe in yourself and your abilities, your kids will be at risk to live unacceptably. One of the best parenting advice I ever got was to stop looking for perfection from the outside in. My mom would always tell me that, and I believe her whole life.

A parent needs to find the beauty in every moment no matter how difficult it might be. The parenting advice I gave to my kids would never have worked if I had judged every moment as good or bad. If your life sucks because of work or bills or whatever it is that doesn’t matter. If every moment is beautiful then your life will suck less.

You need to be happy with yourself and your kids in order to be a good parent. This might seem obvious, but a lot of parents don’t realize this when they are trying to be good parents. You can’t have one parent who is completely satisfied and then put that parent to the test with their kids. Parenting advice is important, but you have to make sure that it reflects your happiness as a parent and that it’s not just something that you do to get through your days.

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