To avoid boredom and keep your kids busy, try these parent-friendly activities. For starters, let them use their imaginations by growing flowers or herbs on a windowsill. Then, let them water and care for the plants on a regular basis. By doing so, they will learn about their surroundings and develop their spatial reasoning.

Another great way to keep your kids busy is by involving them in the activities you perform around the house. You can assign them different tasks depending on their ages. Younger kids can help set the table, while older ones can help you clean the house or take out the recycling. The important thing is to make the tasks important to your child.

Kids like to help out with household chores. They can even learn to load the dishwasher or make their beds. You can also ask them to do laundry. Kids this age are usually good at organizing clothes by category. You can also ask them to fold and pair socks. This will keep your children busy while you are working.

Make sure you connect with your child every day. This can be done in person or through other means. You can leave encouraging notes in your child’s lunch bag, post encouraging words on the shared whiteboard, or simply read to your child one book. Every day, tell your child that you love him or her.

Set up a schedule that works with your child’s energy levels. A daily schedule helps your child stay focused on his or her studies. A set schedule helps you manage your day without sacrificing quality time with your child. It also helps you get things done more efficiently. By dividing your day into blocks, you can ensure that your child is not bored.

Keep your kids busy by engaging them in indoor and outdoor activities. These activities are fun for the whole family and help them develop social skills and physical health. You can even incorporate technology into your schedule. The Internet is a great resource for ideas. You can search for online resources that provide free downloads of activity kits.

Try to spend at least two full days each week with your kids. Even if you have a flexible schedule, plan activities that your kids will love. Spending a weekend with your kids is a precious time for bonding with each other. Try to schedule fun activities with your kids and make your weekends free from screens. Getting outdoors will help change the environment and motivate your kids to get involved in activities.

Scavenger hunts are another fun way to keep kids busy. You can also set up a photo hunt with your cell phone camera. Try to get items of different shapes and sizes. If you have older kids, you can also arrange a flashlight treasure hunt where your child has to find things hidden in the dark. A magic carpet ride can also be fun.

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