Every person and even animal experiences a certain amount of hair fall in their life. But the question is how much hair fall is normal. Experts say about 100 strands of hair fall is normal, but the problem arrives when there is more than that, for no regrowth occurs.

People getting bald and early greying might feel embarrassed in front of others. But ayurvedic medicines have remedies for all. If you are looking for ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth, then this article will help you. But before that, you should understand which aspects are important in ayurvedic treatment to keep your treatment proper.

In Which Aspect Are Ayurvedic Treatments Dependent?

According to Ayurveda, the constitution’s irregularities will affect your hair’s structure. As a result, it’s essential to identify your Prakriti and any imbalances or balances to provide you with a cure. Like,

  • If you have an imbalance in Vata dosha, your hair follicles risk becoming excessively dry, frizzy, and brittle. Vata hair is typically brittle and dry.
  • If your Pitta dosh is out of balance, you’ll likely notice falling hair and disappearing hairlines. The scalp’s internal heat causes color changes. For example, if your hair isn’t consistently dark, it could appear to have a brown tint or shade. This may result in baldness and hair thinning. Pitta’s hair is often thin and occasionally dark.
  • If your Kapha dosha indicators are out of balance, hair is typically very oily and greasy. This may result in obstructions within the scalp’s follicles. This causes hair to fall out. The typical Kapha has thick hair. For each symptom, different remedies will work on your scalp.

Ayurvedic Solution For Hair Loss

In Ayurvedic hospitals, a variety of treatments are available. Thorough cleaning with specific oils also can help you. Here are some approaches to provide you with a well-endowed head!

  1. Shirodhara:

Shiro and Dhara stand for head and flow, respectively. In this place, your hair is rubbed as warmed oils are dripped into it. A faster rate of hair growth will result from this increase in the stream. This is among the most straightforward Ayurvedic remedies for hair loss.

  1. Shiro Abhyanga

Here, head massages can be performed using oils including coconut, Bringamalakadi Taila, and sesame. It nourishes the scalp and hair roots. It will nourish your sense perceptions, assist prevent scalp heat, and help stop hair from going grey.

Your mind remains calm. Additionally, it feeds the nerve terminals and promotes the hair follicles. The hormones are released that make you feel good. The Ayurvedic treatment for hair loss improves blood flow to your nerve fibers, which helps tackle hair loss issues.

  1. Shirolepa Hair Pack:

You apply this mixture all over the head to aid in cooling it down. This Ayurveda hair development treatment stops hair loss, reduces frizz, heals broken ends, and gets rid of dandruff. Numerous illnesses can be effectively treated, including migraines, sleeplessness, and headaches. Along with improving blood circulation, it also aids in removing the body’s toxins and enhances the skin’s texture.

  1.  Nasya

This oil is infused daily over the nose to treat various diseases. Anu Tailam and Indian ghee can be injected into the nostril. You can acquire an amazing crown by using additional Ayurvedic natural hair remedies.

  1.  Ayursoundarya Program

In their pursuit of health and beauty, ladies can benefit from this course by learning to follow good habits. Healthy eating, adequate breathing, and natural hair and skin care products all contribute to a beautiful skincare routine.

  1. Herbs

You can use herbs like aloe vera, fenugreek leaves,  methi, hibiscus, amla,  and coconut oil. They are nurturing the head. These herbs can be consumed and applied to the head. Learn how these herbs can be used as hair cleansers as well.

Your nutrition and food patterns are important variables in influencing the number and quality of the hair, in addition to Ayurvedic medicines for hair growth. After all, maintaining a strong Agni, or flame metabolism, within the body is necessary for strong hair development.


However, these home remedies are good for healthy and volumed hair and prevent hair fall; you should go to a specialist if your hair issues don’t change even after using them. If you are looking for a good Ayurveda hospital that will help you in ayurvedic treatment for hair loss and regrowth, visit Prakash Nethralaya to avail the best treatment.

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