Beautiful lighting can bring a room to life and completely change the atmosphere of your home. I also like that during the day a small lamp can go unnoticed, and in the evening it comes to life and creates a new atmosphere in the room. This is an amazing way to decorate a room, allowing you to change the layout after every trip.

Each trip provides you with new adventures and endless sources of inspiration to help you create an amazing home environment that truly reflects yourself. Even if you don’t plan to travel long distances, you can still recreate the image of your favourite places with a little imagination. While some people like to fill their homes with souvenirs and make the most of travel decorations, others prefer to focus on the simple luxury of hotels. To make you feel like a traveller as soon as you walk in, you need to incorporate travel memories directly into the interior design.

By incorporating these interior design and decorating ideas into your home, you’ll finally find your comfort zone, no passport required. We hope the travel decorating ideas above helped you create a cozy room. Here are some tips to apply to bedrooms, living rooms, workspaces, and anywhere you can create a “travel” feel. A variety of curtains, decorative pillows, rugs brought from abroad will be perfectly integrated into your home.

It will cost you nothing to decorate your furniture and interior with various details, including beautiful stones, shells, or even various foreign coupons and wraps. The best thing about travel accessories is that you go out and buy things that will fit in your suitcase, but when you return, try to include them in your home decor.

Turning to Europe, many kitchens in London, UK have a similar design style of being bright and modern, with dark elements like wood cabinets and balancing them with bright white granite countertops. With such cuisines, the Baltic country seems to have a lot of Scandinavian minimalism. When travelling in Italy, you can often find old-style cuisine, rustic design with copper pots and stone walls, and more. For French kitchens, high quality wood is usually used, painted white or beige or stained to keep it in its natural state.

Throw in some simple yet vintage lighting and you’ve got a fantastic kitchen ready to go. Take your own ideas for your kitchen and combine modern and rustic touches and add the finishing touches you love, from artwork to patterns and colours.

Over the years, many films have been shot in beautiful resorts. While the indoor scenes are man-made, the outdoor scenes were likely shot in and around the destination’s already popular spectacle. Some of the most striking images come from the likes of “Eat Pray Love Bali” venue. Following the film’s setting and plot, the directors take the film’s stars to scenes of adrenaline rush on the peaks of alpine mountains, to cold places where they can watch their struggle with nature and the exact opposite: the desert. You can do the same…

Transport yourself to any of these magical places with some high resolution photographs framed and hung on any vacant wall space.

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