Shopping for children can be tough because while it’s true that there is an abundance of toys, games, and hobbyist kits out there, it’s easy to feel spoiled for choice when making those final purchasing decisions.

It’s also true that sometimes, we want to flip the script a little and avoid simply purchasing gaming devices or video games as an easy solution. They can provide your children with countless hours of entertainment and are designed with nothing but pure creativity, of course, but it’s understandable as to why parents wish to limit screen time.

For that reason, it’s a great idea to consider the types of gifts children most respond to. In this post, we’ll discuss four categories of gifts you may consider if you’re stuck with what to purchase. This should cover all your bases, giving you a fantastic remedy should confusion take hold as part of the busy holiday or birthday preparations:

Arts & Crafts Gifts

Arts and crafts are a great means by which to enhance the natural creativity of your child. From making using raw materials like the paper stock to following children’s crafts presented on television programs such as Blue Peter or Art Attack, arts and crafts unlock the inner ingenuity of a child.

This can also encompass other efforts, such as the lovely potential given by drawing kits, or playing with a painting set, or even creating using materials like paper mache. 

There are so many arts and crafts kits, sets and materials that stocking up on many of them can be a fun, interesting time. Moreover, even adults are certain to have a great time with this, heightening the chance of a beautiful play adventure between parent and child.

Outdoors-Oriented Gifts

Outdoors-oriented gifts, that is, gifts that encourage your child to get out into nature and explore, can be a great present for any occasion. Most people can remember a time they enjoyed a brand new bicycle, while sometimes roller blades, skateboards and other utilities are key depending on your tolerance as a parent. 

Other outdoor fixtures such as inflatable swimming pools, trampolines or even climbing frames can serve as a wonderful investment in line with this, too.

Educational Gifts

Learning is fun, and the sooner children can internalize that, the healthier development they will enjoy. This doesn’t mean you need to gift your child a mathematics exercise book – but a trip to an aquarium, to the zoo, or a planetarium can serve as amazing experiences that they’ll never forget.

Educational gifts can include educational computer games or DVDs, children’s history series like Horrible Histories on DVD, and more. Perhaps you’ll learn something yourself.

Hobbyist Gifts

Similar to arts and crafts gifts but deserving of their own category, hobbyist toys and gifts can be a fantastic means of curating and caring for something built by your child. 

A boat they can build up from constituent parts, LEGO sets detailing their favourite Star Wars vehicles, or fantastic collection of books filled with classic cars your child seems to increasingly love can be a beautiful means of helping their interests flourish.

With these categories to guide you, you’re sure to find a worthwhile gift that works perfectly for the disposition of your child.

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