When it comes to child custody, one of the most contentious battles of modern parenting is over what are the conflictsparenting styles between the father and the mother. There are so many parents who believe that their child’s best interests lie in sticking with the “mom and dad” approach that they have the audacity to claim that they are doing the best for their children!

Parenting styles are not actually that dissimilar, nor are the differences so extreme. In fact, when you dig deeper into each parent’s perspective on how best to raise their children, a very real parenting style emerges, and you can understand why there are so many conflicts over parenting styles today. Let’s look at some of the main differences that can occur in this case.

The first thing to see is that the Mom often acts like a mother (and father). She is a caring and loving, non-custodial and non-involved, protective parent. At times, she can be too loving and protective and her child has to “play the game” so to speak, meaning that he will have to obey, cooperate and take things on his own. This is because the child’s best interest does not necessarily rest in the interest of the Mom, but in the interest of the child.

The Dad, on the other hand, tends to act like a father. He is typically more involved with the child’s development and is more involved in the life of the child than the Mom. Although he may have custody of the child, he may not be as involved in the day to day life of the child or the decision-making process as the Mom.

It is important to remember that both parents have conflicts over parenting styles, so it is important to remember that each parent’s issues should be looked at carefully. For example, if the Mom is a single parent with multiple children, it is important to find out what her child’s needs are and what she is capable of providing.

Moms often have trouble focusing on their child when the Dad is always out there playing sports or having a night out. It is common for the Mom to spend a great deal of time with the child (particularly when the child has a lot of siblings), but this could make the child feel lonely. {if the Mom does not have time to spend the time with the child. If the Mom is not able to spend time with the child, she may have a tough time making decisions on what is best for their child. because she is not as good at thinking outside of her comfort zone.

Dads on the other hand often feel like they do not have any choices when it comes to raising their children. They have no control over the schedule and are often stuck in a perpetual state of confusion about when they will get to spend time with their kids. Some dads also believe that because their ex-spouse takes their children for granted that they do not need to make any decisions.

As you can see, there are many different parenting styles that have been identified, and the same goes for the children themselves. If a parent is consistent with the child, both in how they interact with the child and the decisions they make, it will become clear what the child is capable of doing without the other parent. When parents are not consistent with the decisions that they make and the children are consistent with what they decide, it becomes harder for them to stick to their parenting styles, and the children will eventually feel that their parent is not working toward a common goal.

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